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An Interview with Ryan Cavanaugh - page 2

I spent the summer of 2006 practicing banjo, playing the occasional show with Soulgrass, Opening for Sam Bush, and teaching banjo at the Creative Strings Workshop in Columbus, OH. I went for my second Euro tour that fall, and returned to NY to open for John Fogherty at a huge cancer benefit. That was nice. The tour was a super success and the European fans are psyched for the banjo.

The winter of this year was pretty eventful in that I began cracking theory books again, listening to John McLaughlin, Kurt Rosenwinkel, Charlie parker, and Coltrane. I learned Donna Lee and Giant Steps among other tunes, and really opened up my perception to bebop again; which had taken a back seat to my more modern jazz studies. I really do love some bebop.

"...this camp would be very beneficial to banjoists looking to expand their musical knowledge"

Ryan with Bill Evans

Ryan jams with Bill Evans Click thumbnail for larger view

This Spring, Bill hired me to play on the Soulgrass II record, due out in February. I tracked for a week in NY and for a week in Nashville. I think I'm on like 6 or 8 tracks. Bela's on there too. It was a great time and I got to play and hang out with Richard bona, Victor Wooten, Sam bush, Dennis Chambers, as well as the rest of the touring band.

Shortly after the sessions, I flew to Ohio to teach at the Creative Strings Workshop once again. The camp is put on by Soulgrass fiddle buddy, Christian Howes. Might I add, this camp would be very beneficial to banjoists looking to expand their musical knowledge. There are many instructors to learn from, and banjoists can study one on one with me as well. I cover technique development and theory among other things.

The CSS marked the end of my summer. I go back to Europe in the fall, with a possible week ay NY's Blue Note when I return. It's been busy!

Wow, that's amazing. What happened to your old group Spacestation Integration?

Spacestation Integration eventually lost a latin percussionist and turned into the Ryan Cavanaugh trio. We toured for a while under a jam band booking agent. Business became corrupt, the band became poor, and I decided to throw in the towel.

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