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John Bullard - In John's hands, the banjo sounds as if it were designed from the beginning to play classical music. His impeccable timing and pure, liquid tone make the banjo sound pianistic. This site has sound files.

Leon Hunt - A British Banjo Bopper, and member of the group "Daily Planet." He is adept at Jazz, Irish music, and progressive 'grass. Several MP3's of his music await you if you should visit his site.

Ryan Cavanaugh - incredible electric banjo fusion player making waves in the American N.W. with the band "Spacestation Integration." This site has MP3 files for your listening enjoyment and gives some details about the band and how to contact them.

Ron Cody - An awesome progressive player from New England, and one of the nicest banjo players I've ever had the pleasure of meeting. This is the web site of his group "Fretwater" and includes sound files from their new CD. Don't miss it.

Pat Cloud - The king of bebop banjo. This site has some great Jazz and Bluegrass sound files, including Pat playing some beautiful Jazz chord solos on an unusual instrument called the Banjola.

Nathan Torkinton's Bela Fleck site - A shrine to all things Bela. Includes some great photos, and a personal interview Nathan conducted with Bela himself.

Gordon Stone - This is a great looking website with tour dates, sound files, and more. Gordon is a fan of Thelonius Monk and plays a number of his tunes. He and his group "The Gordon Stone Trio" travel the country tirelessly, presenting fresh, exiting music to a wide audience.

Banjo Related Retailers
Nechville Musical Products - The future of the Banjo. The Nechville shop produce some very hip looking instruments, including the word's first mass marketed MIDI Banjos. They make electric and acoustic Banjos too.
Alternative Banjo Educational Resources
Jazz Scales and Licks in tablature - Here's some early stuff by myself and others presented on Phil Mann's banjo website.
Other Alternative Banjo Websites
www.jazzbanjo.com This site is devoted to the original Jazz Banjo Players - our 4-string cousins! There are some amazing 4-string players out there making some interesting, alternative music. Definately worth a visit.